Wallmonkeys Senior Woman With Asthma Inhaler Peel and Stick Wall Decal Funny Review

“My husband and I have been arguing about what to fill the large wall on the stairs with for months. He wanted a mirror, I wanted a large image of an old woman using an inhaler. Having always been a little bit of a boundary pusher and somewhat of a décor daredevil, he’s always come up with these odd suggestions. A mirror, ha! When he suggested it, I actually laughed in his face. Then I told my friends who also laughed. One questioned why I married him. She actually gave me the idea in the first place as she has a large decal above her fireplace, a beautiful piece named ‘man with hearing aid.’ It’s like you can almost see him tweak at the volume. Real art.
Anyway back to ‘woman with breathing difficulties.’ Of course I won, and my husband, being a stubborn old mule, walks down the stairs with his eyes closed now because as he says ‘he can’t stand to look at it’ although I have a feeling it’s more to do with how he can’t stand staring defeat in the face! The funny thing is, having walked down the stairs with his eyes closed for weeks without a fall, all of a sudden it happened and he broke both his legs. I took this opportunity to face him directly in front of this amazing art until he appreciated it. I also took artistic photos of him and sent them to Wallmonkeys in case they wanted a decal of ‘man with walking difficulties.'” — Book Addict

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